About us

The two co-founders of Robin’s Friends have worked together on a variety of creative projects for commercial clients. When realising that they shared the same interest in wildlife, in particular wild birds, it soon became obvious that by combining their individual skills, it would be a unique opportunity to create an impartial, informative and easy-going way, to motivate others to attract and enjoy the precious wildlife in their very own gardens. It is important to acknowledge that as well as becoming an essential part of the survival of our wildlife, interaction brings us enjoyment and wellbeing.


Why Robin’s Friends?


Our national bird is considered to be the Robin and with the Robin being easily recognisable, inquisitive and friendly it was an obvious choice for our main character. As we develop and become more established, Robin will make ‘friends’ with other birds, wildlife and of course all the people who want to be one of Robin’s Friends.

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