Intensive farming, pesticides, land stripped bare for housing and industrial developments, these and many other threats are endangering the very existence of our precious wildlife.


The casual feeding of wild birds in our gardens has now become more essential, a regular and reliable feeding area will not only attract wild birds for our enjoyment, but will also become a crucial part of their survival.


From a single feeder to a dedicated wildlife area, it will bring the wild birds closer to you so that you can observe and appreciate your special visitors. If you are very lucky and very patient some birds such as the Robin and Blackbird will eat from the palm of your hand, how special is that?


There is a huge choice of wild bird food, particularly the mixed seeds, which will attract a large variety of wild birds. Straight feeds such as Sunflower Hearts, Nyger Seed, Peanuts, Suet balls etc. will cater for the birds with a more discernible palate.


Like we have just said, mixed seeds will cater for a large variety of wild birds, however we have found it both beneficial for birds and a bit of fun for us, to mix our own seed cocktails, so we can see what other species of birds the special mix will attract. See below for some ideas.


Cocktails to try











Tips: -

• Always supply fresh water, preferably in a shallow dish, so the birds can drink and bathe.

• Give the birds just enough to last the day, don’t be tempted to overfeed.

• Keep plastic feeders, bird tables and the ground below clean. Old seed, peanuts etc. can prove toxic to our

   feathered visitors.

• Think like a predator (Cat, Sparrowhawk etc.). Is your feeding area safe for the birds to eat?

• Feed all year round. In Autumn and Winter food will become scarce, in Spring and Summer there will be chicks

   and fledglings to feed, so a regular and reliable source of food and water will become vital.

• Plastic feeders are fantastic for some birds, but there are others who prefer to eat from a bird table or the ground.


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One full bag of Wild Bird Mix, half a bag of Sunflower Hearts, quarter bag of Peanuts, half a bag of Fruit and Berry Suet Pellets, mix and serve.

One full bag of Wild Bird Mix, quarter bag of Sunflower Hearts, quarter bag Black Sunflower Hearts, stir and pour.


One full bag of Wild Bird Mix, half bag of Black Sunflower Hearts, one mug full of Nyger Seed, finished off with quarter bag of Mealworm Suet Pellets, shake, mix and serve.

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