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 Just some of the emotive and thought-provoking words that are used in our modern world to make us all more aware of the human impact on our environment. It is our responsibility to support and protect our natural world, after all, aren’t we merely custodians of our wildlife for future generations to enjoy?


Robin’s Friends are ‘wild about wildlife’ and our simple ambition is to encourage people to feed and learn about the wildlife around them. By creating a regular feeding area with fresh food and clean water it will attract a variety of birds for us to observe, enjoy and learn from.


There are many informative and illustrated books about wild birds and wildlife, however for some of us, the specialist knowledge can be both daunting and confusing. We at Robin’s Friends want to keep the learning simple and fun (see our illustrated story sheets below). Rather than just copying text from specialists books we want to share our own experiences and observations with you, and in return we want you tell us via Facebook or email what you have observed and found fascinating. Ultimately, we will feed and learn together and, more importantly, at the same time the wild birds will benefit from our hospitality.

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