Seed Feeder

Premium 8’’ two port Mixed Seed Feeder, which can be used for straight seeds and suet pellets.

Suet Block


Premium suet block feeder with built in tray.

Peanut Feeder

Premium 8’’ mesh Peanut Feeder.

The fine mesh prevents the adult bird taking a full peanut which could prove fatal if fed to chicks and fledglings

Nyger Seed


Premium 8’’ dedicated Nyger Seed Feeder.

Ideal for attracting Goldfinches

Suet Ball Feeder

Premium Suet Ball Feeder. Some Suet Balls are supplied in fine nets which can result in the visiting bird’s legs being tangled in the net. The safest way to provide suet balls is to remove the net and use this specially designed feeder.



They call it the ‘Big Easy’. If there is such a feeder that can initiate ‘seed feeder envy’, then this is it. The price reflects the quality, it’s big, it’s strong, it’s built to last

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