Seeds and Feeds

Although our mixed seeds are wide-ranging in ingredients, there are still some species of wild birds with a more discernible palate. To attract these birds, we have the following seeds, feeds and suet treats, which will offer the variety they crave. Some of the following are also ideal for those of us who like to attract new visitors and experiment to create our own special ‘seed cocktail’.

Top quality Sunflower Hearts rich in protein for energy. De-husked for mess free feeding, use in cylindrical feeders, on bird tables and feeding on the ground. Feed as a dedicated straight feed, or add to one of the mixtures above to create a ‘seed cocktail’.

Sunflower Hearts are a particular favourite with most Finches, Tits, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Collared Doves, Starlings and yes, you’ve guessed it – Robin.




Special chosen for the highest quality, to meet exacting standards for wild birds so they can benefit from this recognised energy packed food source. Feed in a dedicated feeder, or on a bird table, or on the ground.

Well, who doesn’t like a peanut? A firm favourite with Finches, Tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks, Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Nuthatches and occasionally, Robin can be partial to a peanut.









Nyger Seed

A small fine seed packed with energy and nutrition. Use as a straight food in a special dedicated feeder. Definitely a must for that special ‘seed cocktail’. This is a real favourite with the Goldfinch, but can, if in a seed mix, attract Wrens, Blue Tits, Dunnocks, Siskins and Sparrows. And of course, a tasty little nibble for Robin.




Specially selected for their quality and nutritional benefits. Feed as a dedicated straight mix in cylindrical feeders, on bird tables and feeding on the ground. Another addition to that ‘seed cocktail’?


Black Sunflower Seeds are a favourite with Green Finches, Bullfinches, Great Tits and Coal Tits. When in the mood Robin likes to snack on these.




The same high-quality peanuts, but chopped into granules so that the smaller birds can benefit from the vitality peanuts provide. Peanut granules, being small, are an excellent food for parent birds to give to their chicks and fledglings, (remember keep the clean water close). Can be used as a straight food, in a feeder, or scattered on a bird table, or on the ground. Another special addition to that ‘seed cocktail’ you are creating.

A special treat for Finches, Tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks, Wrens, Blackbirds, Starlings and yes Robin loves a granule or two, or three, or……….



A natural source of protein and vitamins. Feed on the bird table and ground as a regular food, or add to your ‘seed cocktail’ mix. Robin thinks they are yummy, trouble is, so does everyone else!

















Sunflower Hearts

Black Sunflower Seeds


Peanut Granules

Dried Mealworms

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