Suet Snacks

Although our mixed seeds are wide-ranging in ingredients, there are still some species of wild birds with a more discernible palate. To attract these birds, we have the following suet treats, which will offer the variety they crave.

Packed with energy and enjoyed all year round by many species of wild birds. Offer them in a specialist feeder and if supplied in a net, dispose of this before feeding, this will prevent birds tangling their feet in the net. If you have a confined space for the birds this is the perfect food and feeder combination. As mentioned, Suet Balls will attract many species of wild birds from Blue Tits to Woodpeckers and the large gaps in the feeder will attract the not so acrobatic birds, like the Robin. (sorry Robin).



Wheat, Sunflower, Maize, Cornflower, Minerals, Oils and Fats.

50 pack


Another high energy, nutritious food source for feeding all year round. Suet Blocks are served in their own specialist feeder and like Suet Balls are ideal for confined spaces. The soft suet will attract a host of wild birds especially in winter time when food can become more difficult to find. Available in two versions; Insect with Mealworm mix or Berry with Bugs mix

(please indicate which you require when ordering). Both are rich in minerals, oils and fats. And once again, even Robin can dine from the specialist feeder (good old Robin).



Another high energy, all round year treat for a large variety of wild birds, especially popular for parent birds when feeding their young. Can be used in cylindrical or peanut feeders, but is particularly popular served on a bird table or on the ground. Available in three flavours; Berry, Insect or Mealworm


(please indicate which you require when ordering).


 All three are rich in minerals, oils and fats. Another good addition for the ‘seed cocktail’. And also, a real firm favourite with Robin.





A half coconut filled with a specific high energy insect and suet mix which is perfect for all year round feeding. A third option for feeding in confined areas that will attract the more acrobatic of our visitors, especially Tits, Finches and Sparrows, but the lure of the suet will certainly attract others – even Robin!




Millet, Rapeseed, Linseed, Flour, Dried Insects.

10 pack


10 pack

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